Medical, Nutrition and Physiotherapy service

Medical Services

We provide users with medical services to help you achieve your goals as soon as possible, in a safe, healthy and injury-free manner. We start with a valuation consultation so that the user knows their current state of health and form.

As well as this, we carry out a follow-up with your personal trainer in order to monitor and optimise the performance of your training.


If you would like to sustain a healthy lifestyle and look after your body, both on the exterior and interior and maintain it within optimum conditions, one of the most imprtant factors to achieve this is your diet. Meet our team of nutritionists and improve your diet habits.


This services provides a solution to the different alterations and / or injuries that the current rhythm of life can produce in our body: stress, bad posture, incorrect physical exercise - these are all examples of the most common causes of changes in our state of health.

Our team of professional physiotherapists are dedicated to the treatment, recovery and prevention of these problems with the goal of restoring the health of our members.



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