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At Nova Icària Esport & Fit we offer a wide variety of supervised classes in the neighborhood of Villa Olímpia in Poblenou

Supervised activities and classes for every level

We have a wide range of sport disciplines designed and organized by sports technicians and professionals, with the possibility of being able to do them in different timetables throughout the week. 

We also have different spaces; 5 rooms (3 multipurpose rooms and 2 premium rooms) where you can do physical activities, the swimming pool, to be able to do some laps, and a lot of outdoor space, for outdoor activities. In the fitness room you will be able to do toning exercises, strength and cardio. 


With Nova Icària’s wide variety of spaces and activities we adjust to everyone’s needs, from the ones who want to start physical activities to those who already have a routine and train regularly. All of the supervised activities are compatible with the goals you have set for yourself and are developed in different timetables, so we can adapt to the early risers and to those who for work, or other reasons, have to leave their training for the end of the day.

If you’re looking for a gym with a wide variety of supervised activities and with varied schedules, at Nova Icària you have supervised classes to get in shape alongside instructors who adapt every class in order for it to be accessible to everyone, from those people who are used to training daily to those who are starting from zero. 

From activities focused on toning and strength, such as Body Pump, Core 30 and GAC, to cardio and toning activities such as Cardio Tono, Total Training or Fat Burn. The latter, in addition to working on strength and power, contribute to high cardiovascular work, making them very complete activities.

We also carry out other cardiovascular training activities such as Step, Zumba or Body Combat, among others, that will make you sweat to the rhythm of the music and work all of the muscles of your body.

For the people that prefer activities focused on working the entire abdominal belt and postural control, we have activities such as Stretching, Pilates, Esquena Sana (to relieve back pain), Body Balance and Core, among others. Also supervised activities aimed at increasing the knowledge of one’s body and mind, at the same time that stress is controlled, such as Tai-Txi, Yoga.

Among the advantages of Nova Icària Esport & Fit is having a swimming pool, where in addition to being able to freely train, you can perform activities such as Aquagym . By practicing these types of activities, we obtain all the benefits from practicing an aerobic class, but considerably reducing the risk of injury.

In addition to all the variety of activities focused for all audiences we, at Nova Icària, also have activities focused on a more specific target, such as the Dona Gym class, a training focused on the women’s body .

Some of the physical activities are done outdoors, such as Running, that is done throughout the year and Beach Camp, a strength and toning activity that is carried out in the beach when the weather starts changing, in spring and summer.

As complementary activities, Nova Icària gives the possibility of signing up for the Xpremium service, which has supervised classes in reduced groups of 10 people maximum with a more personalized training and with activities for both young people, from 16 years old, as well as for elderly people. Among the classes that you will be able to find in the Xpremium service we offer the latest trend activities such as: CrossXtreme, Cardio Hiit, HBX BOXING and Functional, among others.

Learn more about the supervised activities at Vila Olímpica in Poblenou

Our schedule of supervised activities is updated throughout the year; you will be able to find them in our website and app, as well as being able to consult them in the room where they are held.

We, at Nova Icària, are aware of how difficult it can be to sometimes find the time to do sports, that is why we have activities available in different timetables in order for us to adapt to your availability, so you don’t have any excuses to miss the gym.

We also put at your disposal a wide offer of children’s sports activities in different timetables, to help you make your schedules compatible with your children’s schedules.

Start enjoying the supervised activities and Nova Icària’s facilities and choose the best training schedule that best works for you. Check the schedules in our website or through Nova Icària’s app, in which apart from seeing the schedules you will be able to know which monitor does each class.

Find out more without obligation at the front desk or through the website’s contact form.