• by lifting_novaica
  • 5 de August de 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and the new regulations for public spaces have created the so-called society’s “new normality”. We, at Nova Icària Esport & Fit, go beyond what is established in point 7 of the document, referring to “Cultural activities, public shows, recreation and sports”, adapted to our facilities in order for our members to be able to enjoy the activities, machinery and supervised classes under the best safety and hygiene standards.

It is important to state that, according to a study carried out by researchers in Oslo’s University in Norway, it has been determined that there is no danger of spreading the virus in sports centres, including gyms.


At Nova Icària we guarantee your health

From its reopening after the confinement, all of the gym’s spaces have been conditioned, so that all users can enjoy our facilities, either using the different machines and/or carrying out some of the different activities that we offer.

Also, to avoid contagions within the centre, we have applied hygiene and safety regulations, which start from the moment you access it. Firstly, accessing to the gym with a QR code system through a mobile app, and secondly, disinfecting shoes with a rug with a disinfecting solution.

It has been essential for us to offer the best hygiene and cleaning service in the centre to all of those who access it. It is for this reason that we carry out a minimum of 4 daily cleanings and disinfections of all spaces, materials, and surfaces that are in contact with the users; controlled by schedules between classes and activities. In addition, cleaning and disinfection stations have been equipped with disinfectant gel dispensers, paper dispensers, bins with lid and pedal, and disinfectant sprays, accessible to all users.

Likewise, it is important to note that we apply the containment measures established by the authorities, so we guarantee a distance of 2m per person and a minimum capacity of 4m2 per person; thus ensuring to be below 50% capacity at all times.


Sport is health

We, at Nova Icària Esport & Fit join the motto that sport is health. For this reason, during this time conditioned by COVID-19, we want to echo this movement that promotes exercise and can benefit everyone’s health.

During the pandemic, we must keep in mind that exercising can increase your body’s defences and help you prevent the spread of the virus. Also, with training routines, different health states can be improved; among them: cardiovascular and mental health (anxiety/depression), lung capacity and overweight.

We, at Nova Icària Esport & Fit, want to promote an active life through exercise, that is why we keep present all of the hygiene and safety measures so that all of our members can enjoy their training routines under the best hygiene and safety standards and keep in shape and at an optimal level of health.