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Find out about our variety of supervised classes

At Nova Icària we offer you a wide variety of supervised classes, in the Vila Olímpica neighborhood of Poble Nou. We put at your disposal a wide range of sports disciplines, thought and organized by sports professionals, with different timetables throughout the week.

We have a great variety of rooms and physical and sports activities thought for everybody, from those who want to start to make a habit out of exercising, to those who go to the gym and train regularly. All of the activities are compatible with the different objectives everyone has set for themselves.

Come to our gym, choose the timetable that better works for you and start enjoying our physical and sports activities supervised by the best trainers.

Supervised classes in Barcelona, in Vila Olímpica and Poble Nou

If you’re looking for a great variety of physical and sports activities in order to get in shape with instructors that guide your training and performance rhythm, at Nova Icària you will be able to enjoy different supervised classes that we offer you throughout the different days of the week.

We know that it’s increasingly difficult to organize our daily tasks; that’s why the activities that we have available are designed for you and your availability.

From our extensive list of supervised classes, you can find activities for all tastes and needs:

  • Toning and strength: Body Pump, GAC, Core and CX Work, among others.
  • Cardio and toning: Cardio tone, Total Training and Fatburn.
  • Cardiovascular training: Dance, Zumba, Body Combat, among others.
  • Postural control: Stretching, Pilates, Healthy Back and Body Balance, among others.
  • Stress control (body and mind): Tai-txi, Yoga, Mindfulness.
  • Water activities: Aquagym and Aquaextreme.
  • Training focused on the woman’s body: Dona Gym
  • Training aimed for older people of with difficulties to follow a conventional training: Gym d’Or

You can also have the possibility of doing some physical activities outdoors, such as Running, during the entire year, and Beach Camp during the spring and summer months.


Also, for an additional price, you will be able to enjoy the Xpremium service, which will allow you to attend supervised classes of small groups in which you can have a more personalized training in cutting-edge sports activities such as CrossXtreme, Cardio Hiit, HBX BOXING and Functional, among others.

Each of the classes that we offer you at Nova Icària are planned so that you can invest the time you want in each of them: 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes.

Learn more about the physical and sports activities

Each trimester in our website and app you will be able to find the timetables published for all of the supervised classes  that we offer, as well as the type of activity that will take place and in which area of the gym they will be done, in order for you to adapt to each one of them.

What are you waiting for to join our supervised classes? Come to our reception desk and ask for more information about our timetables. You can also check the Nova Icària App to know what trainer does what class.

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