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Personal Training Center in Barcelona

Do you want to enjoy a personalized personal training service in Barcelona that allows you achieve your goals in an evolutionary and constant way?

If you want to train for a marathon, lose weight or simply keep in shape, at Nova Icària we offer you a team of highly qualified personal trainers that offer informative and follow-up sessions in order for you to reach your fitness goals you so much desire.

You will enjoy personal training sessions of 30 or 60 minutes in order to show you how to train in an optimal way using the most advanced machines for cardiovascular and strength trainings such as Skillmill, TRX, Skillrow, among others.

In addition, at Nova Icària we have several functional training systems such as the Box room, the Icària Xpress room, the sports courts and the fitness room, where you will also find weights, among other materials.

During the first three months of membership you will also be able to count with a sponsorship service, with which a personal trainer will give you advice and make a plan that will help you carry out exercises and/or classes and recommended activities on your own and create a routine with all the equipment you have at your disposal in our facilities.

Complete service with a nutritionist and personal trainer

Having a healthy life is one of the most important factors you must keep in mind in your day to day. Maintaining a good diet should not be a difficult task to accomplish; that’s why, in our gym, besides of offering a personal training plan, we offer sessions with both a nutritionist and a personal trainer, in order for them to offer you a diet focused on achieving your fitness goals through optimal nutrition.

We also have an online channel for all gym members where you can contact the center’s nutritionist and make any consult about your nutrition plan. You can contact them through the following email:

Knowing your body, correcting bad habits and learning how to eat in a healthy manner, focusing the food that you eat into your physical objectives, will allow you to make a change of lifestyle that will transform the way in which you eat from now on.

Additional services

In addition of having the possibility of enjoying our nutritionists and personal trainers services, in our center we give you the possibility to enjoy additional services such as physiotherapy and aesthetics.

You will have a specialized physiotherapist at your disposal that will help you correct the possible injuries that your body might have caused by doing exercises incorrectly or bad postures. You can contact our physiotherapist or ask for more information about our physiotherapy service through the following email:

We also offer you an aesthetics service in which we carry out cellulite reduction treatments, fat reduction, radiofrequency technology, among others, which will allow you to complement the personal training service.

If you are interested in starting a change in your lifestyle with a personal training plan, ask for more information at our reception desk or sending an email to

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