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Icària Xpress

Icària Xpress, hitt training in Barcelona

We present Icària Xpress, a new room with activities in which hiit classes are done in order to get fit and lose weight in just 30 minutes in reduced groups of maximum 10 people.

Shown below, we will tell you the characteristics of the classes.

To do the classes, the ideal is that you bring your own heart rate monitor with bluetooth, but if you don’t own one, we will leave you a heart rate monitor with a non-personalized avatar, with a standard profile for you to control your heart beat during the session.

Cardio Hiit

CARDIO HIIT will be held in this room, a hiit training activity aimed at young people from 16 years old, as well as adults and elderly people with personalized training levels.

  • Reduced groups.
  • 30 or 60 minute classes
  • High wasting calories classes</li
  • Excellent results in short amount of time
  • Technology for training control through Kaiser and Technogym

Cardio Hiit is an intense activity that totally depends on each person. For example, the 85% of intensity for a person accustomed to sports will be totally different than the 85% of intensity for a person who is re-engaging in sports and is taking on a new lifestyle. In short, each person, alongside the trainer, adapts the intensity of the hiit training to their level, controlled by a pulsometer and with the power indicator of the latest Kaiser and Techngym machines.

What is Hiit?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is about doing high intensity periods of physical activity interspersed with breaks (total breaks or active breaks, with some movement) meaning, it’s a hitt training in series.

If you haven’t been doing sports for a long time and want to get back into the rhythm or, on the contrary, you already have a good rhythm and want to have a plus in your training, the Hiit classes are ideal, since they are a 30-minute activity, with high and low intensity intervals, with which you will achieve excellent results in a short amount of time. Also, being a small group activity, it’s considered as a personalized training in which you will have an expert at your disposal controlling you at all times. It also lets you develop more complex exercises, since we carry out a technical control.

In Cardio Hiit, unlike Functional training, the cardio component predominantes; while the Functional has a component based more on toning. Although both disciplines are included in the mixed training type.

Funcional Hiit

The hiit training system, that allows you to be in shape in half an hour, is a program based in the basic patterns of human movement, but in high intensity intervals.

The hiit classes are adapted to everyone’s different objectives as the expert can prepare personalized trainings being this an activity done in reduced groups.

In this class we use high technology just like Keiser Functional, Skillmill and the heart rate control system Teambeats from Technogym together with functional materials such as Slamballs, TRX, Super bands, Go flo, Parallels, etc.

A functional work will be done together with a high intensity training  with Intervals (Hiit), a highly demanded activity that also provides incredible results in a short amount of time.

Hiit’s objectives and benefits

The hiit training, in all of its forms of guided classes, has the following benefits:

  • Improve strength, agility and cardiovascular resistance
  • Weight loss and muscle mass gain, in each session a high number of calories are consumed.

In a program based in basic human movement patterns, focused on a high and low intensity interval training, and making use of the most versatile materials.

It is an activity accessible for people of all physical conditions and with which real and measurable results are achieved in a short amount of time.

HBX Boxing

It’s a high intensity training program with a musical base that uses the different types of boxing, Kick Boxingand martial arts punches, but without any contact. The only adversary will be a punching bag and a slamball on which to discharge all the stress and negative energy.

It has all of the advantages that a martial arts training has. This activity is accessible to the people that like an intense and dynamic combat training, even though you’ve never practiced it.

We, at Noca Icària, are an official HBX Boxing center and our trainers have been trained following the brand’s guidelines.

For the class, the ideal thing is that you bring your own MMA mittens. If you don’t have any, a Nova Icària we can leave you ones.

HBX Boxing’s objectives and benefits

  • Improve cardiovascular condition
  • Increase body weight loss, each session consumes a high number of calories
  • Improve sleep quality, decrease the stress levels and its negative effects
  • Increase muscle tone, body control and coordination

Xpremium Pack

All the trainings and activities that take place in the BOX room are part of the Nova Icària Xpremium Pack. For a small additional monthly fee you can enjoy the activities in the Box room the activities in the Icària Xpress Room and the activities of Nova Icària Virtual.

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