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BOX Activities

At Nova Icària we have the BOX room, in which 2 activities are carried out called CROSS EXTREME (Crossfit  “made in Nova Icària”) and FUNCTIONAL XTRAIN

These activities, which aim to achieve big results in a short amount of time, take place in 60-minute classes.

They are carried out in small groups, which do complex functional exercises that allow to do a whole body work at the same time and that make the activity a very intense one.

Pack Xpremium

The trainings that take place in the BOX room are part of the Nova Icària Xpremium Pack. For a small additional monthly fee you can enjoy the activities of the Box Room and those that take place in the Icària Xpress Room, or make use of these rooms when there is no class.


What are you waiting to come and try them? Find out at the reception desk about timetables, prices and start being part of the training revolution!


In this room the CrossXtreme activity will be carried out, a high intensity training activity aimed for both for young people from 16 years old, as well as for adults.

An intense activity to better the strength, agility and resistance. The trainer will take your body to the limit, withhigh intensity exercises and you will get incredible results.

  • Small groups 
  • High caloric expenditure classes
  • Improve your physical condition, strength, agility and endurance.

Functional Xtrain

You work in small groups as well. Functional Xtrain is an intense activity for the improvement of toning/strength, agility and resistance and coordination.

The importance of this high intensity training is the control of the body itself and the effectiveness of movements, that is why you will notice great changes in just a few sessions.

Benefits of a high intensity training

If it’s been a while since you’ve done any sports and what to go back at it, the trainings in the BOX room are ideal because they are a combination between functional movement exercises executed at high intensity with which you will find results in a short amount of time. 

In addition, being a small group activity, it’s considered as a personalized training.

  • Improve strength, agility and cardiovascular resistance.
  • Increase body weight loss, each session consumes a high number of calories.
  • Improve sleep quality, decrease the stress levels and its negative effects.
  • Increase muscle tone, body control and coordination.


You must also know about the Endurance class.
It is a training aimed to improve the cardiovascular capacity using implements and techniques from the CrossXtrem and FuncionalXtrain activities. It is a mixed indoor and outdoor training.

If you’re looking for a high intensity training that’s effective, at Nova Icària we offer you the best Crossfit classes in Poblenou and Vila Olimpica  in the BOX room.

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